About Me

My name is Michael Sverdlin. My nickname is “Sveder”.
I’m a software developer. I spend a lot of my time working on side projects (see the Reflections series), geocaching, riding my mountain bike and playing computer games.

A more Official Bio:

Michael “Sveder” Sverdlin is a software developer, GDG Tel Aviv lead, startup mentor and lecturer. He is a 15 year veteran of the Israeli startup scene, both as an early employee creating outstanding development teams and as startup mentor through the Google Launchpad program, under which he helped tens of startups with their MVPs, technology choices and product ideas. As a software developer Michael Shipped products on all the major consumer platforms – the web, iOS, Android and Windows, as well as worked on website backend systems, OS internals, and cyber security. His work experience includes Jfrog (where he currently works after they bought Vdoo), Lightricks, Neocleus and Zimperium, as well as big organizations like Intel and the Israeli Defense Forces intelligence unit.

Still not enough? – read an extended CV with my awesome side projects, talks and open source contributions.

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